Term 3: Week 10: Task 7

Hi Kids!  You now know a lot more about M.C.Escher than you used to!

Your task is to create a few short paragraphs of information about M.C.Escher that you will later use on the poster you will make.

Write about things like:
A. When and where he was born?
B. What he childhood was like?
C. What was his family like?
D. What things did he do in his lifetime which were a big deal to him?
E. What kinds of art did he create?
F. When did he die?
G. Why is he still famous today?

Use this page
And this page
to get your information.

1. Read the information on the pages linked above.
2. In your reading book, make notes
3. Using your notes and memory (from the documentary), write about M.C.Escher IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
4. Make sure that you have used you own words.  Change things around, mix things up, make it YOURS.
5. Have you answered all the questions above?
6. Place your book open in the yellow tray.
7. Read/look through one of Mr.E's M.C.Esher books.