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Term 3: Week 10: Task 7

Hi Kids!  You now know a lot more about M.C.Escher than you used to!

Your task is to create a few short paragraphs of information about M.C.Escher that you will later use on the poster you will make.

Write about things like:
A. When and where he was born?
B. What he childhood was like?
C. What was his family like?
D. What things did he do in his lifetime which were a big deal to him?
E. What kinds of art did he create?
F. When did he die?
G. Why is he still famous today?

Use this page
And this page
to get your information.

1. Read the information on the pages linked above.
2. In your reading book, make notes
3. Using your notes and memory (from the documentary), write about M.C.Escher IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
4. Make sure that you have used you own words.  Change things around, mix things up, make it YOURS.
5. Have you answered all the questions above?
6. Place your book open in the yellow tray.
7. Read/look through one of Mr.E's M.C.Esher books.

Term 3: Week 5: Task 6

On the desktop of your computer there is a file called "M.C. Escher Documentary" Open this file and watch this documentary about him. It is an hour long! So get going now!

Term 3: Week 2: Task 5

Hi kids.  Your task this week is to complete your Snakes artwork.

Bring your permission slips back to Mr.E as soon as possible so we can study M C Escher further in reading time.

Term 3: Week 1: Task 5

Hi Kids!  This week you will be studying M.C.Esher's "Snakes" artwork.

But first, I have to show you a funny relativity tribute I found:

Anyway, click here to start your work this week.

Term 2: Week 9: Task 4

Hi Kids!  (Please note "Escher" is pronounced "Esh - sher")

This week you will be looking at one of Escher's most famous pieces, Relativity

Click here to view the original.

In your reading book write a paragraph (or two) about:
-have you seen this picture before? (If so, where?)
-your thoughts on this piece (Do you like it?  Why?)
-three reasons why you think it became so well known
-what do you think about the tribute pieces it inspired? (Did you like them?  Why?  Which is your favourite?  Why?)
-do you think M.C.Escher would have liked the modern pieces Relativity inspired?  Why?

If you have time spare, you are to sketch a (simple) picture of your own that is inspired by Escher's "Relativity".

Please see me if you would like to borrow one of my special M.C.Escher books, so you can look at Relativity on paper instead of the screen.

See you on Friday!  -Mr.E

Term 2: Week 8: Task 3

Hi Kids,

Click the link on the right-hand-side of the page which says "1946 Eye"
This is a piece which Escher finished in 1946 (duh!)
In 1946 there were no computers.  Escher did this entirely with a pencil.
Watch the video of someone creating their version of "Eye" using a computer.
Your task this week is to sketch your own version of "Eye" pausing the video along the way to help you.
You will be using paper and pencil.
You are to use your sketch book.  You can use up to 2 pages (if you make a huge mistake)
I suggest you get your art pencil for this activity.
You will need a rubber too!

If you prefer to sketch the picture from looking at a picture in a book, ask Mr E to lend you one of his ultra special M.C.Escher books.

Good luck!
See you Friday.
-Mr. E