Term 2: Week 8: Task 3

Hi Kids,

Click the link on the right-hand-side of the page which says "1946 Eye"
This is a piece which Escher finished in 1946 (duh!)
In 1946 there were no computers.  Escher did this entirely with a pencil.
Watch the video of someone creating their version of "Eye" using a computer.
Your task this week is to sketch your own version of "Eye" pausing the video along the way to help you.
You will be using paper and pencil.
You are to use your sketch book.  You can use up to 2 pages (if you make a huge mistake)
I suggest you get your art pencil for this activity.
You will need a rubber too!

If you prefer to sketch the picture from looking at a picture in a book, ask Mr E to lend you one of his ultra special M.C.Escher books.

Good luck!
See you Friday.
-Mr. E