Term 2, Week 3: Task 2

Hi Kids, as we discussed last Friday, you have this week to finish your chicken tessellations.  If or when you are finished this you are to spend some time designing your own tessellation.  It can be a random shape or an animal... anything.  Even if you don't get a chance to finishing the tracing and coloring part of your own tessellation, I look forward to seeing the piece (shape) you end up making.

This week you are allowed to use an A3 size piece of white paper from the same paper cupboard.  A3 size paper is twice a big as A4, so you will be able to fit more of your tessellations on it (if you get up to publishing).

Have fun!  I'm very proud of you all for how focussed and hard working you have all been during the week.  Thank you!  - Mr. E