Term 2, Week 1: Task 1

Hi Kids, This week your tasks are to:
1. Learn about what a tessellation is.
2. Create your own chicken tessellation from following instructions.

Work through the "Tessellations" part of this blogsite.

Everything is explained to you when you click on "Tessellations" on the left had side menu.

There will be sites to visit, information to read, animations to view and instructions to follow so you can make your own tessellation.

You may get white A4 size paper from the cupboard below the paper cutter.  It is in a grey container.  Try not to disturb kids working near that area when you get your paper.  In fact, if one of you could get a piece of paper each for the three people in your group, that would be great.

The good paper is for your final tessellation.  Use scrap paper for the cutting and cellotaping part.  Don't forget, you'll be tracing around the one shoe you create.

There's a roll of cellotape near the you 3 kids can share.

Help the others in your group.  Please ask them for help before coming to Mr.E.

Any SSR time you have this week can be spent on finishing your tessellation.  Please don't make a big deal about it because other kids might get distracted and be jealous!

Have fun!